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Dog Guard Acadian | Dog Fence Lafayette Louisiana | Dog Fencing Acadian | Electric Dog Fencing Lafayette | Dog Guard® of Acadian

Dog Guard of Acadian

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PO Box 92405 | Lafayette, LA 70509-2405 | robinson@dogguard.com


Southern Louisiana Dog Guard Testimonials

For national testimonials about Dog Guard please click here.  Each of these customers had a positive experience with Dog Guard electronic dog fencing, and have told their story so that you would be able to have the confidence you need to let us protect your pet.

Bill & Judith Jewell, Slidell LA

We Purchased “Out of Sight” Fencing from Aaron Robinson of Dog Guard of South Louisiana in March 2008. We have been pleased with it since the beginning. We live on a golf course, so it is important to contain our dogs in our yard. However, we wanted to avoid a fence so that we could have an unobstructed view. “Out of Sight Fencing” was exactly what we needed. Aaron installed the electric wire underground. Our dogs were fitted with electric collars. They quickly learned that staying within our yard was the way to go. They were trained almost immediately. Installing the electric fence took just a few hours. The only maintenance we have is changing the batteries in the dogs’ collars twice a year. After we had “out of Sight Fencing” for about 2 years, it didn’t seem to be working 100%. Aaron sent his son to check the wires, he made some adjustments, and we haven’t had any trouble since. We were very impressed with Aaron’s knowledge and courteous manner. We have recommended Dog Guard to two other friends. Both have had out of sight fencing installed. They have been equally pleased. If you need to contain your pets, and want to avoid traditional fencing, go with Aaron Robinson and Dog Guard of South Louisiana.

Judy Cheramie, Galliano, LA

I was introduced to Dog Guard fence by a friend. I called Mr. Aaron and he informed me of the benefits of the fence and I scheduled for the fence to be installed the following week. It is the best investment to protect my pets I have ever made. I work away from home and now leave with the knowledge that my dogs will be safe and secure while I am away. Thank you, Dog Guard!

Cam & Donna Morvant, Thibodaux, LA

Dog Guard Fencing has been the best investment for our pets and for us personally. It allows our dogs to freely roam without the worry of something bad happening to them. We have a system at our home, fishing camp, and our deer camp all interchangeable. Aaron’s service and the performance of our Dog Guard systems make our life better 24/7 no matter where we go.

Carey & Annette Kimball, Houma, LA

After getting a boxer puppy we had to try to figure out a way to keep him in the yard. We had seen someone with little flags in their yard one day and decided to see what that was all about. We found out it was actually an electric fence and the flags were to let the dog know where the boundaries were. We decided to contact Aaron and he came out and talked to us about the way this actually worked. He assured us this would not hard our new big puppy so we decided to have the equipment installed all around the whole yard. This has been a life saver and is awesome. We are now confident and worry free when we let our dog outside to play. If we need any assistance with batteries or any other issues, all we do is give Aaron a call and he is right there to help or solve any issue we may have. We are totally satisfied with this and would recommend this all. Thanks!

Barnard Breaux, Houma, LA

My name is Bernard Breaux, and I am from Houma, LA. Some time ago I bought a beautiful little beagle from a breeder in Alexandria. I paid almost 400 for him so I was obviously wanting the best care for him. I live in a heavily trafficked area and was concerned about his safety. I heard about dog guard and did some research about the system including consulting my Vet. After being encouraged by the Vet I contacted Mr Robinson and had Dog Guard installed. I have been tremendously satisfied. “Mister” runs around freely in our yard and I am not a nervous wreck when he’s outside. I’m totally convinced that Dog Guard saves his life on a daily basis. I highly recommend Dog Guard.


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